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Sunday School

Wednesday Night Programs

Worship Service


Activities for Children and Youth


Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Club FISH (Finding, Inviting, Sharing, Helping) operates September through April, meeting on first and third Wednesdays. Through worship, drama, creativity and activity, children explore biblical truths and learn to fellowship with other children from the church family.


4th -6th Grades

Boys Club and Girls Club provide age-appropriate activities to teach tweenagers about developing a personal relationship with Jesus, while enjoying their peers. Dividing by gender allows groups to interact without pressure to impress the other gender, and discuss issues that would be inhibited by the presence of the other gender. Boys and Girls Clubs meet in first and third Wednesdays, September through April. Girls Club members kick off the year with attendance at the Girls Jamboree at Camp Luz in August.


7th and 8th Grades

Junior Youth Fellowship (JYF) celebrates the energy of the middle school years with fun activities, designed to prompt analysis of life and faith, while building friendships that cross schools and genders. A summer service trip or other activity is the highlight of the year. JYF meets on first and third Wednesdays, September through April.


9th -12th Grades

Mennonite Youth Fellowship (MYF) helps students create close ties with other youth within the church and with youth leaders. Students often enjoy the group so much that they bring friends who attend on a regular basis. Exploring tough issues, voicing sensitive questions, and learning from others are the heart of this group which meets weekly throughout the year. A summer cross-cultural service trip or attendance at Mennonite Church USA's biennial convention are highlights.


Kindergarten-8th Grades

Sonshine (K-3rd) and Harmony (4th -8th) Choirs give students an opportunity to raise their voices in worship and lead the congregation in praise. Choirs meet Wednesdays from 5-6, from September through March.


7th -12th Grades

Encouragement Partners (1-on-1 relationship between a youth and an adult of the same gender) and Youth Circles (multiple youth with a matching number of adults, all of the same gender) meet to form spiritual growth relationships. Contact to initiate a relationship.


Kindergarten-8th Grades

Summer KICK (Kids in Christ's Kingdom) runs mid-June through mid-August on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Contact to register.


Entering Kindergarten-entering 6th Grade

Vacation Bible School features fun worship, Bible teaching, crafts and activities, all designed to help students know more about who Jesus is. This year's sessions will be July 21-24, 6:30-8:30 pm. Contact to register.



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